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Home is the first institution of learning for any child. A child generally learns things by his/her surroundings. As a parent, you have a vital responsibility towards your child’s education and his/her future. If you take care of these things, you can improve the education of your children.

Let’s find out what are those responsibilities:


Study without distraction

To improve student performance, parents must hold kids responsible for learning. So, provide a place to them for studying without any intrusions. Give them a purpose for spending time on books. Try to avoid any use of technology when they are studying.


Encourage your children

Appreciate your children when they do well in the exam and if they get less mark then encourage them for hard work. Giving kids rewards can sometimes be temporarily useful to get them learning more. Asking your child how it feels during a particular task while they are doing it can also contribute to her schooling.


Make good relationship with your school teachers 

Visit your child’s teacher and school regularly. It will give you the idea about your child’s progress. Ask them about your child’s weakness and strength; it will help you in improving your child accordingly.


Improve the study habits of your children

Good habits are something which we gain only after learning. Help your child in making daily and weekly plans and if he accomplishes his goal then reward him for that. Good skill habits help your child in reducing school stress and improve his grades.


Encourage them to attend school regularly

Attending school every day is important for every age group of students. It is crucial that student attends every class because our exam pattern is based on what taught in classes. So, let your child know about the importance of attending school every day and what impact it can have on their future.


Tell them about school rules

Talk to your child about school rules and policies and make sure he understands them. Tell them about the consequences of breaking any rule. If you are confused about any school rule than thoroughly read the school handbook or ask the administrator about it.


Teach them how to deal with peer pressure

Teach your children how to say no to bad things. Tell them that it’s not necessary to agree with everything that his/her friends are doing. It’s nice if they avoid those people who keep pressurise them for doing things they don’t like. Talk to them about their friends and keep an eye on their activities.


Take a charge of their study by learning something new yourself

Understand your child better by indulging in his/her shoes. Take up a new language or read about an unfamiliar topic. Your kid may learn study skills by watching you learn.