Request could not be processed : UAEThere are people who love to have everything in a certain place and in a certain way. They are the ultra tedious people who don’t like much interfere in the way they are living their life. But, love them or hate them, these people are really successful in their life and at some time or other we also wanted to become like them.

The good news is that anyone can be tedious and organised by applying some small changes in their life. Here are 10 things which you can do to make your day more productive.



The first rule of becoming an organised person doesn’t rush. If you take 30 minutes in getting ready for school then try to get up at least 45 minutes before school time. By this way, you’ll get enough time for everything which saves you from last minute rushing.



We all make to-do lists, but how many of us actually achieved what’s on that list. One of the most important ways of getting maximum productivity from your to-do lists is to prioritize. Now the first step in this path is making a list obviously. Now think logically and honestly what’s the most important work you need to do. For this you can access the value of every work and then decide which point should be on the top.

But always be a little flexible with your list in order to complete all the work.



It is important you are getting your proper sleep as it’s the most important factor which determines the rest of the day. It is also essential for your health and keeps you stress free. Sleep deprivation can affect your mood, your decision making ability, memory and even productivity.

But how one can get enough sleep?

Well, first of all say goodbye to your phone for at least 30 min before bed. The next thing you can do is making a sleep routine and take a vow that you will not break this routine even on weekends. Last but not the least, eat healthy.



It’s pretty difficult for anyone to memorize everything. So what we can do instead? We can write everything down just like we do in school. It’s pretty simple formula to apply on anything you feared that you might forget. It can be anything from tomorrow’s work, unfinished duties or your homework.



The key to having everything organised in school is having backup supplies of all of your stationeries. You don’t want to be those kids who always ask for stationery from their fellows. Backup stationery also helps you in emergency situations like, in the exam hall. Always keep an extra set of pencil, pen and sticky notes. You should keep your student planner with you but just in case you forget it, you can use sticky notes for the temporary purpose.



It is very essential to keep taking short breaks between your studies to main a proper concentration. People believe that if you keep taking breaks during your study session, it results in poor attentiveness but on the contrary side, it helps in creating a regular schedule to keep your mind organised. But the most important rule for this is that you stick to your schedule and do not exceed it in any condition.



At the beginning of every week, just sit down and write down everything related to your plan for the week, about your classes, about the work you need to complete in the coming week etc. We know it looks a bit for one day but think it in a different way. By this way, you are free for the rest of the week. And if you have any changes you can easily make changes without getting panicked.



Student planners are the best way to improve your time management. When you write everything down, you are more cognizant to check everything regularly and know what is going on. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment when you finish the work written on it. And the best part is you can go over it again and again and by this, you will never forget what you need to do next.



Are you a regular person? You always reach on time at every place and you never get panicked because you are getting late? If you belong to this category then congrats you are a well organized person. But if not, let’s learn some techniques by which you can also become a clock. One thing you can do about is getting up on time, secondly plan ahead of the time, thirdly try to end your tasks on time, etc. Other than this you can also recognize what makes you late regularly, spot it and correct it.



What if you are not a perfectionist? There’s nothing wrong in it. Being a person who knows everything and always do things on time is good but pushing yourself too hard for becoming that person is not a smart decision. If you want to change yourself, don’t do it all at once. Pick small things and change them one at a time. Maybe you are better without being a perfectionist; maybe you just need a little dusting now and then. Figure out what’s best for you and do that.